Write & grow – Morning Pages

The habit of journaling is a truly useful tool for increasing your self-awareness and self-leadership. You will gain an awareness of what’s preoccupying you, can detail new ideas and reflect on your actions and situations. The actual motion of writing also lends weight to your words and thoughts, making them easier to remember.

Follow these steps

  • Before your day begins, write whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you just write. Use pen and paper or a digital alternative (I myself prefer pen and paper).
  • Don’t censor, don’t erase, don’t critique. This is not a competition and your words are only for you. Just write whatever appears in your head.
  • Write until you feel finished, perhaps 3-4 four pages.
  • Even if you think you have nothing to write, sit down and begin to write. You might be surprised how one thought leads to another, that leads to something else entirely!

A beautiful notebook might help you on your way, or perhaps the trick for you is to find a place that feels just right and that adds to the experience. If you can’t find the time in the morning, do it later in the day. When you write is secondary to the fact that you write.

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