Meditation – Emotional Regulation

10 minutes

This meditation aims to strengthen your self-leadership skills and sustain your ability to manage, act upon and enjoy your emotions in a constructive manner.

Follow these steps

  • Start by finding a comfortable position in a place where you can have some solitude. Take a few breaths in your own time and allow your body to become still.
  • Read the sentences below, aloud or quietly for yourself. Allow some space for each sentence to develop real meaning within you. Be mindful and notice the thoughts that arise as you read the sentences.

I trust my ability to bear my emotions. I can be in them. I can allow space for them within me, even when they hurt. I am not afraid of them even when they cause me discomfort.

I accept all my emotions, even when I feel shame or feel ashamed of them. I am allowed to feel each and every emotion and they say nothing about me as a person.

I trut that life contains many different emotions, both pleasurable and painful. All feelings come and go. What I feel now will not always be so.

I trust that my emtions can guide med, while also remembering that emptions are not the same as truths. I am not in the right just because I feel like I am in the right.

I alone am responsible for how I act on my emotions.

  • Try to think of a symbol, picture, colour or moment that you can connect to your ability to regulate and manage your emotions. Something that symbolises the sentiment above.
  • Remind yourself that you can visualise your symbol at any time you choose, and be reminded of your ability to respond intentionally to any emotions you feel.
  • Finish by taking a few more breaths in your own time.