Increase your happiness

In between the day’s mundane chores and routines you can find small moments of harmony and contentment. The trick is to notice them, so that you practice your ability to see the gifts, no matter how small. Whether it is a lovely vase on the window sill that still makes you smile after all these years or you nailing that important negotionation you’ve been preparing for, our everyday lives often contain more equanimity than we see at first.

Practicing gratitude for the everday, trivial moments in life allows us to practice our ability to see more of what is going our way and what is good. That in turn can lead to a more positive outlook on life.

Seeing and appreciating what you already have increases your satisfaction and lays the foundation for a more positive outlook on life. Keep a gratitude journal and watch your happiness literally grow.

Practice like this:
  1. Take time every day to make a note of everything that you’ve enjoyed or appreciated during the day. Decide if jotting them down in paper (perhaps in the same notebook you use for your morning pages) or just making a mental note suits you best.
  2. Include everything, no matter how small or seemlingly insignificant.
  3. Keep at it for at least two weeks
  4. See what you discover! How do you feel immediately after compared to before, for example?

You might also try answering one or all of these questions:

  1. Three things I am learning from my struggles
  2. Three people I am happy that I know
  3. The best moment of the day