Want to do better tomorrow?

Reflect every week & develop yourself

When we make time for ourselves to reflect on the challenges we face and what we’re learning as we go through them, we give ourselves the chance to find new perspectives. If we ponder over how our decisions played out and what we’d like to do differently next time, we make it possible to make different choices in out future. And conversely, if we never e to examine our behaviour, we are neglecting a chance to grow and develop on a personal level.

If we mean to take our own development seriously we also have to make time for it in our calendars. We need to treat that time as if it were important and not let other things come between.

Begin like this:
  1. Book time with yourself in your calendar. You can try 30-60 minutes per week, or if you prefer, shorter time slots more frequently. All time is better than no time.
  2. Decide how you want to make notes; on your computer or in a notebook. Perhaps you’d rather record voice memos? Choose whatever works for you.
  3. Make a list of questions that cover that which is especially important for you to focus on. It could be a new behaviour or habit, or a skill you’re praticing. Or it could be personal traits that you want to contemplate. If you’d like some inspiration on questions, you’ll find them below.
  4. Go through your questions every week and answer them honestly and authentically.
  5. Keep up the habit for a few weeks and see what you notice.

Inspirational questions
  • What challenge have I met this week? What did I learn?
  • In what way did I help someone?
  • How did I practice leadership this week? What was the result?
  • Did I practice active listening? How did that affect me, the speaker and our conversation?
  • What feedback did I receive this week? What do I want to take with me and what do I want to disregard?
  • What have I enjoyed doing this week?
  • Have I allowed myself to make mistakes this weeks? How did I feel? What did I learn?
  • Have I invested in my own wellbeing this week by sleeping, exercising and eating things good for my health? If not, what do I change next week in order do this?
  • What is next week going to be about?
  • What do I want to learn next? How will I do it?