Why does the Mountain and the Sea exist?

This is a page where you can find tools, knowledge and courses that allow you to grow and develop on a personal level. As you grow, you may notice that you develop stronger self-leaderships skills, enjoy more wellbeing, prioritise your recouperation and gain more insight into why you do what you do.

The Mountain and the Sea is developed by Alexandra Nord, owner of Katong AB.

Who am I?
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There are many things that catch my interest, and among the topics I feel most passionately about you can find self-leadership, wellbeing and personal growth.

I am at my best when I can pursue new knowledge and then add my perspectives and experience to it. To enable learning and growth for others is a truly meaningful, and that is why I started the Mountain and the Sea. Here, I want to collect tools and insights I’ve gained through the years and offer it to you.

I have a background in computer science and spent the first 15 or so years after university working within IT. I had roles such as project manager, requirements specialist and IT Security Officer. I also worked as a Product Owner in an agile context. Somewhere along the way I understood that my strengths were more centered around people rather than systems; I can understand code but I understand people better! More importantly, people are more interesting than code, even though I do enjoy remaining close to IT (setting up this site was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge!). My realisations led me to change fields and for the past 6 years I’ve been applying my energy and curiosity to working with people and within HR. I have worked with most HR processes, recruitment, training, staff responsiblity and leadership development. I am also a mindfulness instructor and a certified coach (ICF).

If you are curious to know more about me you can find meon LinkedIn. Or let’s have a digital coffee and a chat, and see what we have in common?

Why is the site called The Mountain and the Sea?

Both the mountain and the sea are common metaphores used in many meditations.

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From the depths of the oceans, deep below the surface, we are reminded that we, too, have a place of calm and stillness within us. It makes no difference to the deep waters if the surface mirrors the sky in a perfect replica or if huge waves roll across it. The depths of the sea are still tranquil, unmoved and peaceful.

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The mountain can teach us that we, too, are gounded and unshakeable, regardless of what is going on around us. The mountain doesn’t concern itself with whether the sun warms it’s sides or if the snow lies heavy, covering all. It takes the changing weather in stride, just as we can take the natural comings and goings of life with equanimity.