Why does the Mountain and the Sea exist?

This is a page where you can find tools, knowledge and courses that allow you to grow and develop on a personal level. As you grow, you may notice that you develop stronger self-leaderships skills, enjoy more wellbeing, prioritise your recouperation and gain more insight into why you do what you do.

The Mountain and the Sea is developed by Alexandra Nord, owner of Katong AB.

More about Alexandra

Alexandra has a background within both IT and HR from banking, FinTech and retail. She started her career as a requirement analyst and moved on to work with IT-security, project management and product ownership. Her interest in other people led her to further her career within HR and she has experience within employee development, leadership, recruitment and learning & development.

Alexandra is both a coach and mindfulness instructor.

Why is the site called The Mountain and the Sea?

Both the mountain and the sea are common symbols used in many meditations.

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From the depths of the oceans, deep below the surface, we are reminded that we, too, have a place of calm and stillness within us. It makes no difference to the deep waters if the surface mirrors the sky in a perfect replica or if huge waves roll across it. The depths of the sea are still tranquil, calm and peaceful.

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The mountain can teach us that we, too, are gounded and unshakeable, regardless of what is going on around us. The mountain doesn’t concern itself with whether the sun warms it’s sides or if the snow lies heavy, covering all. It takes the changing weather in stride, just as we can take the natural comings and goings of life with equanimity.