Coaching for parents

Let’s just admit it; parenting can sometimes fill your heart to the brim, and sometimes be a real challenge.

I am convinced that you are the best parent your child can have. So let’s focus on your hopes and dreams, find your strengths and make sure that you can be the parent that you want to be for your child.
Coaching for parents suits all parents regardless of the age of your children or what family situation you are in. Choose between a larger package where we delve more deeply into your parenting and set long term goals or single coaching sessions where we explore och solve your most challening parenting situations.

Coaching Packages and Pricing

Develop your parenting

In this coaching series you will combine personal development with your hopes for what you want to do for your child.

6 sessions spread out over 5-8 months.

  • Session 1 – Your parenting today. Explore your current situation from several aspects of parenting such as the state of your relationship with your child, your expectations on your child, your emotional availablity and your own wellbeing.
  • Session 2 – You are the best parent your child can have. Explore your strengths and the values that impact your parenting.
  • Session 3 – Your parenting tomorrow. Define what you want to change or develop with your parenting. It could be specific situations that are challening or broader questions that relate to the role of parenting in general.
  • Session 4-6 – On your way. Making your goals a reality through concrete actions that are rooted in your desire for change.

5.350 sek

Extension package

3 sessions to further your progress towards your goals as you see fit. Sessions are spread out during 2-5 months.

2.490 sek

Coaching around a specific issue

Is a particular parenting situation causing you grief? Does dinner time feel like a battle of wills, or do you and your teen always clash around curfew? Find concrete actions to help you solve your most challenging parenting situations.

1 hour 950 sek

Take your first step right now

Use the template below to reflect on your role as a parent. When is parenting easy for you, when do your actions make you proud of yourself, and when are you less happy with how you parented? What do you want to model for you children and how do you want them to think of you when they are grown up?

Use this template: My parenting