Corporate Mindfulness

Allow your co-workers a few moments of introspection, relaxation and focus training with digital corporate mindfulness.

Do you ever begin answering an email, only to find yourself suddenly creating a Powerpoint presentation for something else? And only at the end of the day do you realise that you never finished or sent that email? This happens to all of us and is exactly the reason that we need to train and strengthen our ability to focus.

In today’s world of information overload and constant distractions, maintaining our attention where we want it is a life skill that allows us to get the right things done. This is where meditation and mindfulness training can make a difference.

Mindfulness training helps us to:

  • practice keeping our focus where we want it
  • allows us to realise when we get distracted more often, in turn allowing us to choose to re-focus
  • reduce stress
  • reduce excessive thinking
  • increase wellbeing
  • deepen our awareness of our actions, emotions and thoughts
  • relax and fill up on energy

I offer shorter, reoccurring mindfulness sessions live for you and your colleagues at times that suit you.

We can also create longer training programs that cater to your specific needs.