Coaching for stronger self-leadership

Why coaching in self-leadership?

Self -leadership is the skill of being able to make decisions and choosing to act in a way that aligns with what you want to achieve.


Increasing your skill in leading yourself will empower you to make choices in line with your hopes and ambitions instead of your fears. It will deepen your relationships to other people and help you set clear boundaries for what is your responsibility and what is not on both a practical and emotional level. You will be better equipped at handling uncertainty, be more innovative, take balanced risks and be more stress-resilient. This, of course, applies both to our professional and private sphere of life. It is no surprise that self-leadership is fast becoming a skill in high demand.

Choose coaching that focuses on your goals, your unique strengths and reinforces the vital skill of self-leadership.
Coaching will challenge your chosen truths, remind you of your strengths and help you find your inner motivation. You will get where you’re going faster as well as develop your ability to make decisions rooted in your innermost wishes and values, both in your career and in life.


How does it work?

We begin by doing a brief flyover over your situation and discussing questions and any other thoughts you might have. This talk is without any further obligation on your part, of course. After that you choose the set-up that suits you best.
Choose between a longer package that combines personal development with concrete actions to attain your goals, or single coaching hours to solve specific situations.

Packages and pricing

In this package you combine personal development with goal setting and concrete action. The focus is to develop your ability to intetional choose behaviour that gets you where you want to go, rather than being stuck in autopilot or reacting emotionally to challenging situations.

7 sessions distributed during 6-9 months. Digital coaching.
  • Session 1 – Where are you? Analysis of your present state regarding career, relationship, physical wellbeing, economic factors etc.
  • Session 2 – Who are you? We dig deeper and focus on your values and strengths and what makes you unique
  • Session 3 – Who are you part 2? We shine the light on your inner sabouteurs and examine what is holding you back.
  • Session 4 – Where are you going and why do you want to get there? We formulate your goal.
  • Sessions 5-7 – How are you going to get there? With practical tools for self-leadership we forumalte concrete actions to realise your goals and track your progress.

7.500 sek excl. VAT (25%)

Extension package – 3 sessions

Perfect for when you want to continue the work you started or if you want to shift focus towards new goals. 3 sessions spread over 2-5 months.

Pris 3.000 sek excl. VAT (25%)

Single sessions – 1 hour

Is there a specific situation that is especially challenging? Perhaps you’re not sure how to approach a larger work task or maybe there are issues between you and your manager? Is a relationship with a friend or family member frought with tension or are you faced with a difficult choice?
Book a one-hour coaching session to find new perspectives on your dilemma and concrete actions to move it along in the right direction.
1 hour 1.250 sek excl. VAT (25%)